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Pow Unity

Pow Unity BikeTrax for Bosch E-Bike

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GPS Tracker for Bosch

The PowUnity BikeTrax Bosch e-bike theft protection is specially designed for installation in e-bikes with Bosch motors. In the development of the GPS Tracker Bosch, we have taken into account the special requirements and security needs of Bosch e-bikes. Thus, the error-free and safe operation of the Bosch e-bike theft protection is guaranteed.

Included in the E-Bike Bosch GPS Tracker Set

1x Bosch GPS Tracker with integrated SIM card
1x Bosch connection cable compatible with all Bosch systems
1x additional battery with a capacity of 1,000 mAh
1x double-sided mounting tape for secure GPS Tracker connection
1x matching cable ties for fixing the connection cable
1x free smartphone app for iOS & Android

Connection options

BikeTrax Bosch Universal is compatible with all Bosch motors. The tracker can be mounted using the connection cable for display connection.
For e-bikes with Bosch Generation 4 motor, a BikeTrax for Bosch Generation 4 has been developed, which can be mounted via the Powerport connector of the e-bike.

Additional battery

BikeTrax comes with an additional battery pack that provides power when the e-bike battery is removed or dead. It lasts an additional 14 hours when the e-bike is in continuous motion and up to three more weeks on stand-by. The auxiliary battery has a voltage range of 2.7 Wh and consists of a lithium-ion battery.

PowUnity App for BikeTrax

The GPS data from BikeTrax is transmitted in real time using the PowUnity App (Android/iOS) to the smartphone or any other device in the desktop app. In the 1st year, the GPS data flat rate for the app is free. After that, the data transfer costs either € 39.90 in the annual or € 3.90 in the monthly subscription. 

If the e-bike is moved without authorization, the PowUnity app sends a motion alert and a push message to the owner. In addition to real-time tracking and application alerts, the app offers other additional functions and features that are elementary for e-bike theft protection:
Bike Pass: bike profile with all relevant information (e-bike model, motor, etc.) about the registered e-bike including photos. 
Theft report: Send bike and theft data to the police by e-mail
Newsfeed: Interesting facts about e-bike theft protection